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How to reduce the failure rate of mask machines?

May,17,2024visited: 387

As the market for masks becomes larger and larger, mask machines are also a very popular market, and their prices are relatively high. Companies hope that mask machine equipment can operate stably, reduce the incidence of failures, and bring more efficiency to the company. , so how to reduce the failure rate of mask machines?


In order to reduce the failure rate of the mask machine, it is necessary to understand a rough connection between its structure and production principles in advance. For example, the disposable fully automatic one-to-one mask machine is composed of a mask body machine and a diverter machine. When the mask body is produced, it is automatically transferred to the shunt machine, and then the shunt machine transfers the mask to the ear strap welding machine to weld the ear straps to complete the production of the mask.

When operating the mask machine equipment, after each day's operation, the staff should turn off the power in time, clean up the debris and debris left on the table, wipe the machine with alcohol, and then conduct a comprehensive inspection to see if there are any errors or wear and tear on the mask machine. In normal times, professionals can regularly conduct comprehensive troubleshooting on the mask machine, such as oil pollution problems in lines, components, electrical boxes and other equipment. On the one hand, it can reduce damage to machine parts, and on the other hand, it can extend the service life of the machine.

The above is an introduction to the method of reducing the failure rate of the mask machine, which requires regular maintenance and upkeep by the staff so that the mask machine can produce masks stably and orderly.


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